The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Another very popular book that is a must read for everyone. Even for those who don’t usually like Greek mythology, this book will leave you mesmerized.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


  1. Intro
  2. Summary
  3. General Opinion
  4. Comparison
  5. Love ❤
  6. Fun fact 🙂
  7. Impact

1. Intro

I’m crazy for Greek mythology. And like any fan it all started with the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I read them when I was in 7th grade and I was absolutely amazed, then I watched the movies and I was absolutely horrified. Never again.

Hopefully, there is going to be a series about Percy Jackson on Disney+, made by the one and only Rick Riordan.

But I’m not getting my hopes up, because I don’t want to be disappointed when it comes out.

Anyways, lately I had started hearing about this book “The Song of Achilles” and how good it is. The book was on tik tok, on instagram, on youtube even on the dark academia hashtag for books. There were people who said they were heartbroken and still cried A MONTH after they had read it.

Obviously, I had to buy it and see for myself what the fuss was about.


The story is from Patroclus’ point of view, whom was Achilles’ companion. Patroclus was a prince, son of King Menolaus, a disgrace in his father’s eyes. At ten he was exiled to Phthia, where King Peleus ruled and had the perfect son, Achilles. Achilles was the son of a malicious sea-nymph Thetis. Thetis was tricked into marrying Peleus and giving him a child. As time passed the boys befriended each other and their bond grew stronger over years only for it to turn into something else, something deeper. But as myth goes, Achilles must go and complete the prophecy and gain the honour of his name in the age of the long and weary Trojan war with Patroclus as his companion.

3. General Opinion

So at first the book didn’t intrigue me, it wasn’t really a page turner, I was struggling to concentrate and I could’ve read it in 2 weeks max but it took me a month. But it wasn’t because it wasn’t good. I think it was because there were many words I didn’t have knowledge of and I had to search for at least 2 words/page.

That obviously made me lose my concentration but it also made it harder to follow and harder for me to get caught in the story.

That is only because english is not my first language, so don’t get discouraged if you have good english skills, you will definitely love it.

Another unfortunate thing is that I had already known how it was going to end because the legend of Achilles is one of the best known, but if you are in my situation I guarantee you, you are not spared of the heart ache nor of the tears.

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Many historians or how you wanna call ’em, argue if Patroclus was his friend or his lover. After reading this book I ship them so hard that I would smack someone so hard if they said “Patroclus couldn’t have been his lover”. That is because in the Iliad it isn’t even mentioned the fact that they could have been together, but it also doesn’t mention they couldn’t have.

I guess it is up to you what you decide to believe.

The story is told form Patroclus’ eyes which is much better in my opinon.

We have the chance to see Achilles as a lover and friend in all kinds of stages or situations which gives him a stronger and more complex character.

He isn’t just the hero or the best fighter of his generation, as we often see him portrayed.

He is an honest and loyal soul mate to Patroclus. A perfect and worthy son. And a threat to the enemies.


It has many similarities with They Both Die At The End, by Adam Silvera.

(if you didn’t read my opinion about that book you should really check it out and let me persuade you into reading it)

So ignoring the fact that both books made me cry hard and broke my heart in so many pieces, the characters are quite similar.

Patroclus and Mateo are both awkward but sweet and selfless, you could say they are almost perfect.

As if even their biggest mistake could be overlooked.

As for Achilles and Rufus they are confident and proud, but would kill for the other one in a second and not take a moment to ponder about it.

5. LOVE or God Eros

In Greek mythology it was said that humans were originally made out of two parts. Man and woman, man and man or woman and woman. They were much more powerful together, as a hole, and they tried taking over Mount Olympus.

The myth says that Zeus punished them and cut them in half so they had to spend their hole life roaming the Earth to find their other half.

And Achilles and Patroclus did find each other. They were a half of a hole and matched the other perfectly almost like a piece of puzzle.

“Had she really thought I would not know him? I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell, I would know him blind by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world”


My heart aches every time I read this. Mainly because I think of the love they had shared. Their love was so deep they could understand each other from one look in the other’s eyes.

Their love was so pure they couldn’t hide anything from each other. Not even their darkest bits.

Nobody could keep them apart, neither gods or godesses as Thetis, Achilles’ mother. She had always looked down on Patroclus.

She would have watched him die in front of her and despite her awful opinions about him, Achilles never let go of him.

That says a lot knowing he also cared for his mother’s opinions and choices almost as deep for Patroclus’. He always took her advice and would tell her every detail, but when she despised his companion he could almost hate her.

One thing I admired was the subtle and still vulgar way the author described the steamy parts between the couple. She wrote them in manner that it still satisfied the reader but it also left some scenes for the imagination.

These parts came exactly when we needed them, when it felt like everything was too good to be true or when we needed a break from all the drama in Achilles’ life.

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6.Fun fact 🙂

It took Madeline Miller 10 years to write this book and it was her debut.

But it payed off, people say it may be the best greek mythology book ever written, and I agree.


After reading it, I can’t get out of my head the fact that they could love each other so much they would die if the other one did.

That is a big thing since Patroclus was !17! when he decided he would never continue living without him. Their bond was so strong there couldn’t be one without the other.

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I wish I can experience something like this one day. At least a bit like their love. I wish someone could love me so deeply, that we suffer together and loved together and be happy together. Have our own paradise on Earth as if we are the only living people left because we can’t see nobody but each other.

I wish there was someone that knew every detail about me and I knew every detail about them. We would listen to even our smallest problems and craziest dreams.

We would surprise ourselves with the depth of our emotions that we can never consume.

I wish there was someone who was my shoulder to cry on but also who would slap the sense out of me when needed. Someone who would make me smile but someone who would make me cry rembering we are mortals.

Someone who would impress me with their witty and intelligent nature, but also someone who would be clumsy and funny naturally.

I wish I will find someone who will make me feel like this. Someone I would watch enthralled.

The problem might be the society we live in. Where boys are called “Simps” for having too many feelings. Or as if I should be swept of my feet when a boy replies to my insta story with a fire or a kissy face emoticon. Or when he replies to my text with a K.

The impact of the book was also related to the song “Achilles come down” by Gang of Youths. I had heard the song before but it never had the impact it had on me after reading the book.

It didn’t have the impact because I didn’t yet understand the meaning of the lyrics, so if you hadn’t read the book yet, please while you read the last 20 pages, PLEASE listen to the song on repeat. I think it will have such a great impact.

Yeah you may not get out of bed the hole day because of heartbreak, but the feels you will get are unmatched and unique.

I love it so freaking much because it makes it look like the song is from Patroclus’ point of view.

Let me list the lyrics that make my heart ache:

“Rember the pact of our youth

Where you go i’m going, so jump and i’m jumping

Since there is no me without you”


“How the most dangerous thing is to love”

I will pass away now.

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