About me:)

This Blog’s Purpose


Last week I had just finished reading “They both die at the end” by Adam Silvera and I just hate the feeling of finishing a book and having nobody to talk to it about. Yes, I usually tell my friends and family about the book but it is not the same as talking to someone who had already read it. Maybe it would have been easier to go on Reddit and start a discussion there by reaching out directly to readers but you know how they say…never choose the easy path.

So A short blog of nearly every book was launched, in the hope of finding readers like me that love a good book and reading public opinions about them. But also giving their own. I hope to have a strong bond with my probably only one reader.

About me

I have quite a basic name: Ana. But the good thing it’s international so there aren’t mispronunciations when I go to Starbucks.

I am sixteen and I come from an Eastern European country, Romania. It isn’t as bad as you think really, but I guess I am used to all of the problems in my country that I can easily ignore them.

My favorite type of books have to be fantasy, crime and drama. Another type of books are the ones about war, especially WWII.

Favorite books? The Book Thief, Harry Potter(all of them) and They Both Die At The End

Favorite song? Stolen Dance-Milky Chance

Favorite movies? The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Avatar, E.T., Now you see me.